Picture Framing

There is virtually nothing that cannot be framed! Just because it isn't flat doesn't mean to say that it can't become be a highly attractive wall decoration. Keys, fans, stamps, cigarette cards, fishing flies, badges, medals and rosettes can all be successfully framed as well as photographs, posters, paintings (including canvases).

Wherever possible we use conservation grade materials to both enhance and protect the artwork.


Many types of mounting are available, from circles, ovals, double mounts and multi-aperture mounts from a full range of conservation grade, acid free mount board.

Cross Stitch and Embroideries

Cross-stitch, needlepoint, and other embroideries can all be mounted and framed using traditional methods of stretching with conservation grade materials.


As part of our conservation grade framing service we can offer a selection of glass - plain, UV filtered, non-reflective and museum glass which is low reflection, 96% optically clear and with a UV filter.


Restoration and cleaning of all works of art can be a complicated job even for an experienced professional. We do, however, have trained experts, whose skill can be called upon.